Within our strategy of simplify-grow-innovate we identified six themes. We believe that we can make a difference on those themes and that we can act as a frontrunner in modern society.

For over 130 years, KPN has been connecting people in the Netherlands. We do this through our products and services, the KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds, as well as by sponsoring Dutch skating and the Rijksmuseum.
KPN truly believes in technology and in the power of communication. We are KPN. We are the network that enables the Netherlands to move forward – the network that cares for the Netherlands. We can improve the quality of life in the world around us.

To provide direction for our CSR policy, our business propositions and strategic goals, we yearly perform a materiality assessment to define the priority of CSR topics for KPN. This assessment considers our competencies, risks and opportunities, our role in society and the possible impact we can have on society. It also considers the topics that stakeholders expect us to act upon. We ask them their views and their expectations of us with regard to making a difference. Our six CSR themes were developed as part of this process, as they reflect our most material topics and the positive impact we can have on society, both in our views and those of our stakeholders.

In addition to the CSR themes that are described in "Dutch Society” KPN also pays much attention to the development of its employees and the sustainability of the supply chain. In order to keep up with developments in society, and also to contribute with our knowledge and experience, we are an active member of a number of networks and organizations, moving on the cutting edge of telecom / business and society.

KPN follows news about the possible relationship between phones, masts and health closely. Information on all these topics can be found on this part of the site.