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How sustainable is KPN? In what year was KPN privatized? Every question has an answer. We have made a list of the most frequently asked questions.

What is KPN’s strategy?
Our strategy

What is KPN’s mission?
Our mission

Who are the members of the Board of Management?
Eelco Blok, chairman of the Board of Management and CEO
Jan Kees de Jager, member of the Board of Management and CFO
Joost Farwerck, member of the Board of Management and COO
Frank van der Post, member of the Board of Management and CCO

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How is KPN organized?
Our organization

Where is KPN’s headquarters?
In The Hague. Click here for full contact information

Which countries form the core of KPN’s operations?
KPN provides its telecommunication services in the Netherlands, but also in other countries via Eurorings.

How many people does KPN employ?
On 31 December 2016 KPN had 13,530 FTEs on its books.

Does KPN have a corporate brochure?
No. KPN publishes its corporate information on -> Over / About KPN.

Does KPN issue a sustainability report?
Yes. KPN's sustainability report is integrated in the regular annual report. An integrated report gives the best picture of our company: one that is connected with society at large.

Since 2003 KPN has been reporting in writing about its policy and activities with respect to corporate social responsibility. In the sustainability report we give details of our economic, social, ecological and community activities in the Netherlands (KPN) and Belgium (BASE), and at other subsidiaries. This is why our CSR policy is based on themes which are appropriate to KPN's strengths and allow KPN to add value: Best ICT infrastructure, The New Way of Living & Working, Healthcare of the future, Energy-efficient, Security & privacy, and Transparent, reliable service provider.

What is the KPN sponsorship policy?
KPN connects people. We have been doing so for more than 130 years by offering products and services that enable people to get in contact with one another. This is something we aim to achieve with our sponsorship policy as well. Since the summer of 2010, KPN has been lead sponsor of the Royal Dutch Skating Association (KNSB). The KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds has been set up for social sponsorship. KPN became lead sponsor of the new Rijksmuseum in 2013. On the cultural front KPN also sponsors the Rijksakademie and the prestigious Prix de Rome.

KPN has deliberately opted for a small number of sponsorships. Apart from these, we now sponsor no other activities. This is because we want to carry out our chosen sponsorships to the best of our ability and give them our full attention.

What does KPN’s diversity policy cover?
KPN started developing a diversity policy in 2009. The purpose of this policy is to make KPN a company where talented people are keen to work and achieve success. The biggest target group is women, so our diversity policy primarily addresses the realization of a better gender balance. But the policy also focuses on non-discrimination against people with an impairment and on the basis of sexual orientation or cultural background.

Does KPN have its own company code?
Yes, KPN has a company code of conduct.

The company code of conduct ensures that everyone has a clear picture of what is and is not possible at KPN, what is and is not essential and what is and is not permitted. We talk to each other about this, from the most senior to the most junior level.
The thinking behind KPN’s code of conduct is dynamic, so it is always open for improvement.

What are KPN’s brands?
KPN has a multi-brand strategy, operating different brands for particular target markets. The principal mobile communication brands are Simyo, Telfort and KPN.
The internet brands are KPN, Telfort and XS4ALL.

What does the KPN logo stand for?
The KPN logo stands for the reliability that KPN has championed for more than 130 years. It also symbolizes the innovation to which KPN Netherlands aspires – innovation in communication media that are rapidly converging.

What is KPN’s pay-off?
KPN’s pay-off is “Feel free”. This is the message we use to tell the Netherlands that KPN connects you with the world around you. We show everything that KPN makes possible so that all of us can feel free.


When was KPN privatized?
KPN was privatized in 1989 and officially acquired “blue blood” under its new name of Koninklijke PTT Nederland NV [Royal PTT Nederland]. All the shares remained in the hands of the state, but KPN itself operated the business.

When was KPN first listed on the stock exchange?
KPN got a stock exchange listing in June 1994. The first tranche of shares was sold to the Amsterdam stock exchange in October 1995, followed by a second tranche and a listing in New York. London and Frankfurt followed in 1996. KPN has not been listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) since April 4, 2008 and the London Stock Exchange listing was removed on April 24, 2008. The listing in Frankfurt ended on August 14, 2008.

According to popular opinion, who invented the telephone in 1876?
Alexander Bell. In 1876 Alexander Bell patented his invention, an electric voice-transmission device, which he called a telephone. In 1877 the magazine “Scientific American” published an article about Bell’s new telephone.

When did the first telephone exchange go into service?
The first Dutch telephone exchange went into service in Amsterdam in 1881.

When did the Netherlands adopt ten-digit telephone numbers?
A huge national change of telephone numbers took place on October 10, 1995: all numbers were converted to ten digits. This renumbering plan was known as “Operation Decibel.”

When did KPN start offering digital TV?
In 2005.

When was the cell phone launched?
The first cell phone came onto the market in 1990.
Four years later a new mobile network went into service in the Netherlands: GSM.

Working and learning at KPN

Are there currently any vacancies at KPN?
KPN is always on the lookout for talented employees. All the information about career opportunities at KPN can be found on our website . It contains information for newly graduated people and advertises job opportunities for people with more work experience.

Does KPN cooperate in research projects?
KPN examines whether it can cooperate in research projects on a case-by-case basis. It depends on the relevance of the subject matter, strategic choices etc.
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