KPN named best mobile operator by Tweakers

Visitors of have named KPN as the Best Mobile Provider 2016/2017. For the second consecutive time most readers voted KPN as their favorite mobile provider in The Netherlands. With more than 4 million unique visitors per month Tweakers is the largest consumer electronics and technology platform in the Netherlands. This anouncement confirms the leading position of KPN's mobile service and network.

KPN makes every effort to offer customers a great mobile user experience. KPN client surveys show that 'availability' of the mobile network is the most important aspect of the mobile network. KPN has made nationwide coverage top priority. Meanwhile, KPN's mobile network has a reach of 99.3 percent of the Dutch population and the Dutch territory and therefore has the best coverage in the Netherlands. Continuity of the mobile services is also very important from a customer experience perspective. This requires a continuous and good level of data speeds throughout the country. This is measured by KPN via Retainable Data Rate (RDR), an important indicator of customer satisfaction.

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2516 CK Den Haag

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