Board of Management

Board of Management

The Board of Management, supervised and advised by the Supervisory Board, manages KPN's strategic, financial and organizational matters and appoints senior managers. The Supervisory Board appoints and discharges members of the Board of Management and establishes their individual remuneration within the boundaries of the remuneration policies approved by the Annual General Meeting and the recommendations by the Remuneration & Organization Development Committee.

Eelco Blok, Chairman of the Board of Management and Chief Executive Officer

Eelco Blok (born in Vlissingen, 1957) became Chief Executive Officer of KPN on April 6, 2011. Blok has been a Member of KPN’s Board of Management since April 2004, with the exception of the period January 2005 to June 2006, during which time he was appointed Chief Operating Officer Fixed and Corporate Strategy & Innovation Officer. As a Board Member, Blok has been responsible for the Fixed Division (until January 1, 2007), Business Market, Wholesale & Operations and Getronics (until February 1, 2010) and most recently for Mobile International and iBasis.

Blok studied Business Administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, from 1976 to 1979. He received a Masters in Management from the Graduate School of Management of the University of Technology Delft and the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1983. In the same year he joined the then-PTT, which subsequently became KPN, as a Business Analyst. Prior to his appointment to the Board of Management, Blok held various management positions within the company.

Blok is co-Chairman of the National Cyber Security Council, Member of the General Council of VNO-NCW, Member of the Supervisory Board of Reggefiber Groep B.V., Chairman of the Supervisory Board of E-Plus and Chairman of the Board of Management of BASE Company.

Blok lives together with his partner Annemarie Weverling. Together they have three children. In his spare time Blok is a keen sailor.

Joost Farwerck, Member of the Board of Management and Managing Director the Netherlands

Joost Farwerck (born in Hilversum, 1965) was appointed as a Member of the Board of Management on April 10, 2013. Since being appointed Managing Director the Netherlands in February 2012 he has been responsible for all KPN’s activities in the Netherlands. His main driving forces are change, improvement and teamwork.

Farwerck studied law at the University of Amsterdam and subsequently, after launching his career, followed a variety of study courses at such institutions as the International Institute for Management Development. He started work at KPN in 1994 as a legal counsel. He then became an account manager and subsequently occupied senior management positions, becoming Secretary of the Board of Management and Supervisory Board, Head of Network and Customer Operations, Director of the Wholesale division and Director of the Consumer Residential division.

He regards KPN as the integrated access provider in the Netherlands for consumers and business customers. He wants to strengthen KPN’s market position and transform the company into an uncomplicated and customer-friendly service provider. ‘The course we have embarked on will simplify KPN dramatically, thereby making things much easier for our customers.’

In addition, he wants KPN to make a difference in Dutch society with regard to themes such as The New Way of Living & Working, Healthcare of the future, Energy-efficient and Security & Privacy.
‘Our strength at KPN is our people and the quality of our service. We are important for society and we take responsibility for this.’

Farwerck is Non-Executive Board Member of the KPN Group company iBasis. He is also Member of the Executive Committee of VNO-NCW and Member of the Board of Nederland-ICT.
Farwerck is married and is father of three children. In his free time he enjoys cycling and tennis. He also listens to music (Spotify!) a lot and reads Dutch and English literature (on an E-reader).

Jan Kees de Jager, member of the Board of Management

At the end of September 2014 Jan Kees de Jager (born in Kapelle, 1969) joined the KPN Board of Management and as from 1 November 2014 will also become Chief Financial Officer.The upcoming financial man, who has a broad view on the world of ICT and telecoms, describes himself as direct, open, committed, and happy to enter into dialog.

In 1990 De Jager graduated from Nyenrode University in Breukelen as Bachelor of Business Administration. He went on to study at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam where he first graduated in business economics and social economy in 1994 and two years later with a Master's in Dutch law.

Between February 2010 and November 2012 De Jager was Minister of Finance in the Dutch Government. Prior to that he was State Secretary for Finance for three years. In those positions he gained considerable national and international financial and management experience as well as thorough knowledge of the financial markets and extensive experience with large and complex processes including far-reaching IT processes. In addition he can call upon his considerable operational and commercial expertise in the ICT sector: from 1992 to 2007 he was managing partner and co-CEO at the e-commerce company ISM eCompany. In those fifteen years he gained much knowledge of innovation, new internet technologies, web solutions, e-applications and the development of products and markets. When he left government office he returned to ISM eCompany, where he worked until joining KPN.

In the rapidly changing and dynamic market in which KPN operates, De Jager considers it a great challenge to help transform KPN from a classic telecoms company into a modern ICT enterprise. "I certainly want to contribute to that process of change. We have already made considerable progress, but we have not yet fully utilized our potential – our network, our technology and our excellent, talented personnel – not by a long stretch. If we can do that even better, we can benefit even further from the many new opportunities, such as cloud services and the Internet of Things, which will lead us to a more closely connected society."

De Jager is fond of gadgets and "everything that is connected." In his spare time he likes to drive rallies in his classic car. In that sport he once learned from a former Formula 1 driver that the brake is mainly there so you can put your foot down and accelerate away from the rest. This is a motto he would also like to apply in business.

Steven van Schilfgaarde, interim Chief Financial Officer

Steven van Schilfgaarde (born in Linschoten, 1964) can call on more than two decades of experience with KPN and Getronics. On September 13, 2013 he was appointed interim Chief Financial Officer, a position he had already occupied, jointly with Eric Hageman, from January to September 2012. Until September 2013 Van Schilfgaarde was CEO of KPN IT Solutions.

Van Schilfgaarde has a long history with KPN, having joined the organization in 1990 after studying business administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam and taking a postgraduate controller course at the VU University Amsterdam. Since then he has held various financial management posts and has specialized in IT, procurement, offshoring and outsourcing.

He describes himself as a focused and passionate manager with a positive attitude who is always keen to find new opportunities and possibilities. “When it comes to fundamental changes, I’m your man.” Examples of this are his contribution to the integration of Getronics into KPN and offshoring IT-related work to India, he says.

“KPN plays a crucial role in the Netherlands; it is one of the most important companies in a rapidly changing market and helps to determine the success of this country. That’s why working for KPN has always been and will always be interesting.” Van Schilfgaarde wants to get the company moving in the right direction and to allow employees to blossom.

As well as being interim Chief Financial Officer, Van Schilfgaarde is a Member of the Supervisory Board of E-Plus and SNT Germany and a Member of the Board of the KPN Pension Fund.

Van Schilfgaarde is married and is father of three children.